Surveying documentation

Maintaining survey records at all stages of drilling process

The "Source well drilling data" report contains all necessary information for drilling wells.

The "Project data for well sequence drilling" report contains information about drilling order of wellheads located in the well sequence.

The "Preliminary pad data" report is provided to determine drilling order of pad area.

The "Well coordinates" report contains coordinates of project wells.

The "Formation intercepts" report contains intersections' coordinates of formation top and actual bottomhole.

The "Wellbore geometry" report contains calculated parameters of wellbore geometries, including project design-plan in .xlsx format.

The "Catalog of the source points coordinates" report contains coordinates of the first wellhead in well sequence and direction of skidding the rig of selected pads.

The "General field data" report contains general statistics about selected field.

The "Wellhead coordinates" report shows wellheads’ coordinates of drilled wells.

The "Export to geological packages" report contains data about all formation intersection points and formation
well tops.