Learn more about WellTracking features allowing for 3D visualization and effective management of drilling data
based on geoinformation system

Data sources

Recently, both mobile and stationary units are used to perform drilling works. Sometimes part of the well sequence is drilled by stationary unit, and another part is drilled by the mobile unit, at that both units can be used almost simultaneously. WellTracking functionality allows processing data obtained from both drilling methods.

Data validation

All data processed using WellTracking is verified automatically. Such data verification allows minimizing potential human factor risks while entering coordinate information to geodatabase.

Available types of data verification:

  • Verification at system login;
  • Verification at loading data to geodatabase;
  • Protection from data duplication;
  • Verification of geometry;
  • Verification of attributes;
  • Verification before data deletion.

Working with archive wells data

Batch loading of wellheads and their geometries, as well as automatic creation of pad areas in one operation.

Tracking data editing history

The history of all edits (either geometry or attributes update) made with the features is recorded in the appropriate feature datasets and tables.

Well site design

Precise coordinate positioning of features while performing editing operations in the geodatabase.

Data migration

Data migration in WellTracking means transferring various different formats of data obtained while drilling process to ArcGIS supported formats and so bringing them to general international standards.

WellTracking provides easy-to-use but powerful data loading tools, enabling drilling data verification and unauthorized access protection.

Calculation tasks

  • Correcting project wellhead locations based on actual field data;
  • Calculating corrected gyroscope geometry;
  • Evaluating project wellbore location accuracy in case of drilling near existing wellbores.

Surveying documentation

WellTracking provides ten types of reports in .doc and .xls formats, that can be generated at any stage of survey works.

Unified corporate data storage

WellTracking automates all tasks related to manage life-cycle of the well allowing to control all stages of the drilling process. It keeps your data archives organized, updated, and verified, and can be seamlessly integrated to existing infrastructure of your company.

Drilling data analysis

Set of powerful 3D analysis and 3D viewing tools provided to perform comprehensive drilling data analysis and get accurate picture of all wells and sites.