Drilling data analysis

Set of powerful 3D analysis and 3D viewing tools provided to perform comprehensive drilling data analysis and get accurate picture of all wells and sites

Distance from target-point to bottomhole

Calculates distance between project and actual bottomhole.

Boundaries intersection

Calculates intersection points coordinates of wellbore geometry and boundaries of pad and lease areas.

Coordinates of wellbore geometry nodes

Allows viewing coordinates of selected wellbore path in specified coordinate system.

Critical distance

Allows finding intersections of selected wellbores and defining depth, where these wellbores locate at critical distance.

Distance from node to wellbore

Calculates distance between selected node of one wellbore to another wellbore.

Coordinates of nearest node

Calculates specific node coordinates of selected wellbore path.

Distance between nodes

Calculates distance between selected nodes of two wellbore paths.

Paths divergence

Calculates distance between adjacent wellbore paths.

3D viewer

Allows visualizing spatial drilling data in 3D format and working with any 3D analysis tools at a time.