Select preferable type of WellTracking license

Depending on number of prospective WellTracking users you may need single (for one person) or corporate (for unlimited number of persons) license


Single license

Single license allows to install and use WellTracking on one computer for unlimited time.


Price per item (USD)
Single license1 one $3 500
two or more (simultaneously)
$3 100
you save: $400
Renewal2 of annual maintenance
one year $900
two or more years
you save: $100
of annual maintenance
for lapsed
(unpaid) period
one year $900




  1. Purchasing two or more licenses simultaneously is subject to get a quantity discount. Purchasing new license includes annual maintenance. Annual maintenance replaces purchasing upgrades between versions, so purchasing maintenance and staying current on maintenance is the only way to have access to all newer WellTracking versions, no matter major or minor. Technical support by email is equally included.
  2. You can renew your maintenance while your current maintenance is still valid, or not more than three months after your current maintenance is expired. There is a quantity discount for users renewing their maintenance period for next two or more years simultaneously.
  3. Users with maintenance expired three or more months ago, need to either purchase new license or pay
    the respective reinstatement fee for lapsed period of maintenance to have access to all newer
    WellTracking versions.

Corporate license

Corporate license allows to install and use WellTracking for unlimited number of users
working in unlimited number of physical locations.

Corporate license and maintenance pricing are provided upon request.

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