April 4, 2019

Results of WellTracking implementation at TNK-BP Holding

Following the "Spatial Well Data Management: Eliminate Drilling Risks with WellTracking" article published in Innovator magazine.

The quality and reliability of the results of exploration, engineering and design critically depend on the accuracy of data related to spatial positioning of wells, so data validity and relevance are of high priority and importance. Today the effective management of spatial data is impossible without GIS technologies. ESRI software products are widely used to solve various GIS tasks. Based on ESRI technology specialists of TNK-BP and Data East have developed WellTracking information system as a comprehensive approach to solve the most urgent production tasks.

Well Tracking implementation at TNK-BP PUs allowed to create a unified internal spatial database and to increase the survey data processing speed up to four times. Unified calculation methods and data formats as well as input data verification resulted in creating a complete and accurate spatial data model that eliminates the drilling risks caused by incorrect wellbore positioning.

Spatial Well Data Management: Eliminate Drilling Risks with Well Tracking // Innovator, 2010, №30 January – February