April 10, 2019

PJSC RussNeft oil holding uses WellTracking data in their Subsoils resources monitoring system

Based on the article “Enterprise GIS in “RussNeft” Oil Company”

In 2011 RussNeft implemented the WellTracking extension provided for drilling data management in the surveying services of their subsidiary operating companies.

The implementation process started with OAO NAK AKI-OTYR and upon achieving a positive outcome a new goal to integrate WellTracking geodatabase data in the Subsoils resources monitoring system was set.

In 2012 a pilot project on development of the integration module for integration of WellTracking data to the Subsoils resources monitoring system was implemented. As the result of the project, the automatic loader of well drilling data from WellTracking to Subsoils resources monitoring system, and the web-portal with information on all wells and sites of the company were created. At that the problem of automatic monitoring of lease and mining allotments boundaries compliance was solved.

Source — ArcReview.