Solution for 3D visualization
and effective management of well drilling data in ArcGIS


Well site design

  • Designing lease areas, fields, formations library, pad areas and well sequences
  • Designing wellbore: offset of target-point and creation of project wellbore
  • Tying well to pad

Data migration

  • Converting various drilling data formats to ArcGIS supported formats
  • Merging geodatabases
  • Uploading data in batch mode

Calculation tasks

  • Correcting project wellhead locations
    based on actual field data
  • Calculating corrected gyroscope geometry
  • Evaluating project wellbore location accuracy
    in case of drilling near existing wellbores

Surveying documentation

Maintaining survey records at all stages of drilling process:
  • Reports on well and well sequence drilling,
    pad area drilling order, etc.
  • Reports on coordinates of project and drilled wells, wellheads, formation intercepts, and bottomholes
  • Reports on statistics for specified field

Unified corporate data storage

WellTracking automates all tasks related to manage life-cycle of the well allowing to control all stages
of the drilling process. It keeps your data archives organized, updated, and verified, and can be seamlessly integrated to existing infrastructure
of your company.

Drilling data analysis

Set of powerful 3D analysis and 3D viewing tools provided to perform comprehensive drilling data analysis and get accurate picture of all wells and sites.